Canada Country Code

To make an international call to Winnipeg, you need to dial Canada country code. This ensures that your call will be properly routed to Canada from your originating country.

Country codes are also referred to as ISDs or international subscriber dialing codes.

If you are calling another country other than Canada, you can lookup the country code / ISD below.

Lookup a Country Code

To find the country code or ISD for your destination country, please lookup the code here.

Find Country Code / ISD
Destination country
Your Country Code
Country code will print here


  • Countries marked with an ' * ' are part of the North American Numbering Plan (NANP). What is shown is the standard +1 country code shared by all NANP members followed by a unique 3-digit regional area code.
  • When dialing, dial only the digits shown. Do not dial any of the other characters.

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International dialing codes
for selected countries
Winnipeg dialing procedure

To find other dialing code information, follow these links:

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